And So We Begin

None of us can ever know how a journey will unfold whether planning ahead or leaving all open to chance. Oscar and I decided that it was best to take the logistical steps for the first couple of legs and then take it on a step-by-step basis from there…depending on what steps we took. 

It seems like the pull of the status quo interfered with us both, attempting to keep us home. Mine started with three major home repairs required…at the last minute…before I left. Then a missed flight connection for me. Instead, we flew to Paris separately. I arrived on the prescribed day and very glad I didn’t travel with Oscar after all. Two airplanes broke at two different airports, one after several hours on the tarmac. He arrived a day late; the final insult being no luggage. How he finally got here in reasonable humor, I have no idea.

But Paris opened her arms to us. Over this week we walked the streets…encountered friendly locals to a one…sat in cafés…visited tourist sites…soaked up the art and architecture…ate wonderful meals, the simple ones most sumptious.






  Oscar wrote an in-depth post that speaks beautifully to what this time and all the streets walked, metros and trains ridden, brought as at least one framework to consider as we walk the Camino that you can read  here.

You can also read how our disrupted jaunt into the French countryside allowed me to relive a simple pleasure on The Lifepath Dialogues.

And so…after jet lag has been relieved…and a lovely transition to the slower European lifestyle…tomorrow we fly down south to Biarritz for transport to Saint Jean Pied-de-Port where we will place our feet on the Camino. Sunday I begin my walk with the wazifa “Ya Fattah” … which means to begin and to open to the Infinite that all will be done.

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