Things I Will Remember

Thomas Merton wrote: “The little flowers growing alongside the road are saints.” Saints are plentiful along the Camino from St Jean to Pamplona. I recognized them in their colorful robes, the smell of incense clinging. They bore witness. It helped me to imagine their blessings and encouragement as I passed.


Then there were the cuckoos and woodpeckers calling a steady rhythm. My footsteps kept in synch. And so many others whose songs I heard but were unknown to me.
A surprise: Lizards in the Pyrenees–just a bit smaller than the little guys who lounge on my front porch at home and do the occasional push-up–running across the pathways and even beneath the tables at outdoor cafes, fearless. Occasionally, tumbling over each other fighting. Perhaps an invitation to look at any of those aspects in myself, either to encourage or leave behind.

4 thoughts on “Things I Will Remember

    1. Another mountain today forward from Pamplona. But not nearly so steep or high from what we can tell. Janet, none of these have been nearly as high in altitude as what we have at home. However, they still go up…!


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